Saturday, October 9, 2010

Miami Beach - Part II

The Pinnacle - we stayed in the far upper penthouse suite on the left-hand side

View at sunset - looking from sofa out through kitchen

I thought this picture was really cool of my prego sillouette. It looks like I'm floating with the city in the background. I am standing in the kitchen next to the window. Here I am 26 -27 weeks prego.

Jason and Jenny, some of our best friends. This is how you look when you do NOT wear sunscreen but DO wear your sunglasses. What can I say...all who know Jason know he is a goofball!!

We visited South Beach one night - we went into "Miami Ink" from the t.v. show. I think they have now changed it to LA Ink. It looked like any other tattoo place I've been in. I will say there were LOTS of tattoo places down there. NO David did not add to his collection - thank goodness!

While in South Beach I wanted to see "Dash" - the Kardashians store. Unfortunately, it is only open like 10 -6 so we walked about 12 blocks for nothing. Oh well I have the pictures of the outside windows. I really wanted to see how much the clothes cost.

Dash store window... I'm always looking for a feather skirt to wear about you?
Taken on the balcony the day we left....Goodbye Miami....

Let me just tell you that I HATE...HATE to fly. The plane we flew in and out of Miami on was a 50-75 passenger jet. I'm actually okay with the smaller planes. For some reason bigger planes make me more nervous. The flight was only 90 minutes - still quite long on a plane for my taste.

The flight down wasn't bad at all..Maybe that was because I had been up since 3:00 a.m. with only about 4 hours sleep. However, coming back was a different story. Because we are in such a small plane a bus took us out to the tarmac to board the plane. When we arrived at the plane people were going in and out, luggage was still being put on so I just assumed they were not quite ready for us biggie. However, 45 minutes later (still sitting on our bus) and people pulling up with jugs of blue liquid and going in and out of the plane was a different story. At this point I was agitated.. what was going on? The fact David was just sitting there doing his crossword puzzle oblivious to all that was going on made matters worse. HELLO.. David, do you not see what's going on??? Shouldn't you be paying attention to this??? He was not bothered on bit. FINALLY they came on the bus and said there was a mechanical difficulty...A WHAT?? EXCUSE ME..SAY WHAT??? Okay, just take me back to the airport terminal and we will rent a car. It has to be safer than these planes that are having MECHANICAL DIFFICULTIES!! Funny thing the "mechanical difficulty" was just the commode!!!!!! LOL! Apparently the blue liquid I saw being brought onto the plane was the santizer stuff and for whatever reason the commode just would not work. WHEW what a relief... just a commode.. However, I guess due to safety regulations no working commode meant no flight on that particular plane. They decided to move us to the next plane on the tarmac. We boarded that plane and were headed home shortly thereafter.

Unfortunately, my feathers were ruffled at this point and no matter what I wasn't secure on this plane, in the air, and on the flight home. 90 minutes felt like 3 hours to me. I kept looking at my watch hoping time would go faster!!! To make matters worse as we are taking off David was reading a chapter in his book for his public safety class with something to do about 9-11 and the terror attacks... SERIOUSLY? I have just about stroked out because our plane has mechanical difficulties, all while you do your crossword. NOW that we are actually about to take off you decide to ready about 9-11 and the Pentagon... GREAT !!! No supportive husband on this flight but thank goodness we did have working commode!

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  1. I just had to laugh because I can see David doing his crossword puzzle and I can see you being ill because of it all. Too funny! I can say that now that yall are ok right?