Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Animal Kingdom - Weds & Thurs - Part I

Animal Kingdom - Weds & Thurs - Part II

Cathy, these two (above and below) are just for you

Luke is tickling Tigger's nose!

I had to post this picture.. why? Because my child requested I take a picture of him sniffing the tiger's hiney - yes, he is a gross little boy. This was a cut-out of a tiger in Rafiki's Planet Watch. As you can tell from Part I of Animal Kingdom he is obsessed w/ tigers.

A hippo skull....
We spent Wednesday and Thursday in Animal Kingdom. I have to say Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom are my favorites!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

SNOW...for real!

Thank you Children's Place for my "freebie" during the summer - it was the snowman making kit... Didn't know if I would get to use it - the kit even had the red scarf too.

Friday it snowed!! It was great - Luke's preschool closed at 11:30 - David was off work and my job closed at 12:00 - we had so much fun playing in the snow.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Monday - Hollywood Studios

Mike & Sully from Monster's Inc.
Luke didn't care about seeing them so no pics of Luke with them. He loves Monster's Inc. so I was surprised when he said he didn't care to see them. But he had just come from meeting the Power Rangers (see below) and I guess Mike & Sully weren't cool enough.

Yes, I'm a Power Ranger too - check out my moves!

Green arm man - notice all the ponchos in the background??

Mater - they never did look my direction - Hello, ignore the photopass guy - I'm NOT buying their pictures - please look at me!

Luke looks ticked off in this one - not sure why but at least he's looking at me and not the photopass guy!

Ahhh much happier face!!!

Luke insisted I have my picture taken w/ the pink girl ranger.
It was a rainy day but mostly Hollywood Studios is indoor stuff - shows, etc. The highlight of the day came at 4:30 p.m. - MEETING THE "REAL" (as Luke says) POWER RANGERS!!! He was so excited. It was worth the money and driving time to see how excited he was to meet the Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink Ranger. We got all of their autographs too! On the way home, Luke asked if he could change his name to "Power Ranger". He's the coolest kid in school these days since he met the "REAL" Power Rangers!!!
Hollywood Studios is where my child rode the "Tower of Terror"... I'm still in shock that he rode it and loved it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tuesday - Epcot - I will post Monday's next..OOPS

Not his happy face??? He wasn't mad though.

The two loves of my life :)

At our character dinner

I was supposed to post our Monday adventure to Hollywood Studios but forgot - oh well, here is Tuesday's adventure, Epcot. We had a character dinner scheduled Tuesday night at the Garden Grill. The tables face outward and you constantly spin around the room while eating. Not fast spinning, you make one complete circle in about an hour. There are different scenes on the walls facing you to enjoy while you eat - the food was excellent and it was all you can eat too! During dinner we got to hang out w/ Mickey, Donald, Chip & Dale. The characters came around 2-3 different times. Luke had a blast.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sunday - Magic Kingdom

Celebrate Parade

I thought this was a gorgeous picture of Cinderella's castle at night

First character greeting - Lilo & Stitch

It was very cold as you see everyone bundled up - low 60's and 20 mph winds... We didn't care we were in Disney World!

Posing w/ the shark from Finding Nemo

First official day at the disney park was Sunday. We stayed the entire day at Magic Kindom. I believe they were open until 11:00 p.m. that night with the extra magic hours and we stayed until almost closing time. Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom are my favorite parks. Magic Kingdom had the most to do for smaller children - Luke rode his first roller coaster here - Big Thunder Mountain - HE LOVED IT...He held his arms up just like Daddy did.

Luke also rode The Tower of Terror - yes, you read right...my 4 year old rode the Tower of Terror and his response when he got off "that was awesome" - he is going to love Six Flags when he is older!!

More pictures to come hopefully tomorrow night....next up, Epcot