Sunday, October 10, 2010

Miam Beach - Part I

The court reporting firm I work with owns a condo in Miami, Florida. They let their clients us their condo as part of the perks. So..... David and I traveled to Miami, Florida recently for a little getaway before Eli arrives. We invited our good friends, Jason and Jenny with us. We stayed 5 days at the Pinnacle Condos. We stayed in the Upper Penthouse Suit on the 42nd floor. The views from the room were amazing. You had 180 degree views. The entire living area was nothing but floor to ceiling windows. We had a balcony out our bedroom that overlooked the ocean and Jason and Jenny's room had a balcony overlooking the bay. We pretty much were waited on hand and foot if we went to the pool or the beach. The cabana boys took care of getting your towels, placing your umbrella and overall making sure you were satisfied. They did this at the pool and at the beach. Jenny and I had a spa afternoon one day. It was just adults and it was great.

The picture above was the view we had of the city at night... I thought it turned out pretty cool!

View from living room
Additional view from living room/dining areas...see what I mean about floor to ceiling windows.
View of the bay and city from Jason and Jenny's balcony. It was really neat because during the day David and I had the best view since we had the view of the beach but at night Jason and Jenny had this incredible view of all the city lights...
View of beach from our balcony - see how high up we were. 42 stories is HIGH.
I had to continue the post in Part II below. My pictures would not continue to post so I broke them down into 2 posts.


  1. Love the pictures! Wish I could go stay there!

  2. I am afraid of heights. I would have been scared to death.