Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Luke's 1st Fishing Trip

I love black and whites!!!

Luke's 1st fish ever - he was so proud. All caught on a Spider Man Rod & Reel - Go Spidey!

I kicked butt and took names on catching fish that day. David said I was Bill Dance w/ a ponytail. I think that was his sarcastic way of saying... "Baby you rock!" - ha ha!

WORMS - I wanted Luke to have a true fishing experience so I wanted him to use live bait. However, I didn't expect the worms from Walmart to be on steroids a/k/a "night crawlers" - I about passed out when I saw them. I mean what happened to good ol' red (SKINNY) worms??? I was going to help bait Luke's hook - after I saw these I said no thanks!!!

David is just a sicko - that's all I can about this picture

Happy faces after a fun time fishing!!!!!

Say What Wednesday!!!

We were out having dinner last night for my mother-in-law's birthday (Happy B'day Tammy!) and Luke just broke out in song. He was singing something that he obviously made up.

Me: Luke, where did you learn that song?

Luke: My brain told me it

I can't argue with that!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Class of 2010

On May 26, 2010 my little brother, Patrick, graduated from high school. I was 13 when he was born. My mom has had a child in school for 26 years straight!!! The picture below was taken in 1997 (kindergarten) - I had just graduated high school the year before in 1996!!

As I was typing this I was thinking about how my mom and David's dad are both Minor High School graduates (won't say what guys can thank me later) and so were David and I. 14 years later my brother graduates from Spain Park High School and assuming they keep our zoning the way it is now Luke will graduate from Spain Park High School as well... I just thought that was kind of neat.

2010 - Graduate!!!

Congratulations to my brother.
Love, your very very old sister :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Say What Wednesday

We are pulling into our driveway................

Luke: How do you know where our house is
Me: Mommy and Daddy bought this house so we remember. When you are old enough and drive a car you will learn where things are too
Luke: With a very serious look on his face he states "I'm not going to drive a car. I'm going to drive a hotwheels."

David was tucking Luke into bed and discussing the impending arrival of the new baby...........

Luke: I don't need to really eat dinner so I can feed the baby while you eat dinner
David: Really?? Well what's mommy going to do if you feed the baby
Luke: She is going to change its stinky diapers - I am not changing stinky diapers. That's yuck!
David: Well what am I going to do - what's my job
Luke: You are going to keep it safe

That's right Luke - Daddy always keeps us safe but I'm willing to bet money that Daddy gets diaper duty too!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baby A - 11 weeks

Baby "A" at my ultrasound last week. When we first started the baby was on his/her side and not facing us. The u/s tech moved the baby around and he/she got very angry. He/she was kicking and hitting and moving around like crazy. I'm scared that at 11 weeks Baby A already has a "tude" - we may be in big trouble - lol!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Picking Strawberries

My grandmother (Luke's great-grandmother) planted some strawberries for Luke so he could watch them grow and pick them. He was so excited to see "his" strawberries as he called them.

Luke's School Program

Luke's school program was in early May. They sang a few songs on stage for their part of the program. It was really cute. Luke yelled out and waved to my brother and his daddy while on stage.

I'm behind on blogging I know. I have been tired and lazy. Growing a baby is tough work! I hope to start doing better.