Friday, August 6, 2010

Panama City Beach Pics

Okay, I'm a terrible mother...We went to the beach almost a month ago. I've had some pictures saved to post forever but I just haven't felt like arranging them and posting. So I've decided to just post this without trying to make it flow. I'm 23 weeks pregnant and tired..I hope you can you cut me some slack???

This picture will come back to haunt Luke in 10 years or so... He put on my bathing suit top. He is so pretty he could pass for a girl - lol!

Pool Time - Luke learned to start swimming without his floaties while we were at the beach. To bad summer is almost over. I think if this was just the beginning of summer he would be swimming like a fish. I hope he doesn't lose all he has learned and accomplished over the winter months.

Come on buddy you can do it!!! We are so proud of him. Daddy was a little tougher on him then I would have been. That's why I'm just taking the pics. He would get tired and winded and I would just want to jump in and grab him... Daddy would make him tough it out. Luke caught on really fast. We are so proud of him.

Daddy couldn't quit working... notice he is on the phone while floating in Luke's ring...
Luke wanted a "surfboard" and of course as soon as he saw one with a shark on it he had to get that one - he looks so grown up here..

Luke did not like the beach at all. We drove 5 hours to hang out at the pool. I have never been a huge fan of sand myself and obviously Luke takes after me. We would stay at the pool while David would go jump in the ocean for a little bit.. David loves the beach and the water so having us with him is no fun - sorry babe!
Sabertooth Luke - Luke requested I take his picture while he posed. I have to admit this picture does make mem laugh.

Best buddies!! My two favorite guys.
I have pictures from Gulf World. I might get them posted before next summer but I make no promises... :)


  1. How cool is Luke at the beach. Glad he is learning to swim (I never did). Can't believe it has been almost a month since the post about Baby Eli aka Nug. Love ya'll.

  2. Love the pictures!! Especially the one in the bathing suit top! He's precious.

  3. Great pictures! Looks like you had alot of fun. Love the one in your swimsuit top. We have a picture of my son (now 13) with his hair in pigtails at about 2yrs. lol My sisters did it and thought they were pretty funny.