Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy B'day David

Partying by himself on the song "get low" - he wasn't with our group but he was entertaining.

Too much wine for Britnee!

Scotch - David has always wanted to try it -NOT ANYMORE...just mentioning "Johnny Walker" makes him gag. I figured this would be the one and only glass of scotch he ever drank - we will always have the memories.

There are no words..... Check out Hank Williams, Jr. behind them.... well not really but he looked like him.

The Hodges

The McGraws (no relation to Tim & Faith)

Family Photo

Luke took this picture for us!

David's b'day was this weekend so a group of friends met up at Rogue - a new tavern that was opened by some friends (thanks Jeremy and Wayne) on 2nd Avenue North. Rogue is a really cool bar/restaurant. If you are looking for a change in scenery give it a try. Everyone had a blast - some more than others...but I'm not mentioning any names!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009


He wanted the mouse to come off the stage but this was just the mechanical one :(

He's talking to "Chuck-E" - I thought pay phones were obsolete?

Where a kid can be a kid....oh and Daddy's too!

Take that you rat!!!

You wanna piece of me?

New Tattoos

David got a new tattoo for his b'day and Luke got one too, except Luke's isn't permanent!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Momma's an AU fan and Daddy is an AL fan - Obviously, Luke isn't sure yet!

The picture of David I had to post because it was just funny. All of the tv trays were in use so David improvised with Luke's Spongebob tray.. Maybe you had to see it in person but it was pretty funny to me!

A BEE!!!!!!!

He said there was A BEE!!!!

Playing Outside

Blue drink - blue lips

Daddy was pressure washing the deck and Luke need some work clothes on too - what better than a pair of overalls right.... Check out Daddy's rubber boots - being a fireman sure comes in handy!

Moving on Up

Luke's entire class moved up to the next pre-K class...this was his first day..I'm not sure why he took a picture w/ a dollar bill - we don't pay him to go to school...well not yet anyway!

Shuckin' Corn - Labor Day

It must be hard work!!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Thunder Valley redneck limousine - okay it's a school bus - be sure to read the post at the bottom for the story of our limousine driver - Ms. Mary

Jet flyover - it give me chills every time

The Abstons

It was military appreciation at the race so we had military helicopter flyovers too!!

The Websters

Red Flag Delay!

Grill Master Eric

Our campground

Our RV

We attend the NASCAR Bristol Sharpie 500! We did it true NASCAR style by renting an RV, staying 3 nights in a campground, grilling out, eating fried snickers and fried twinkies (okay, well David ate the fried snickers and twinkies!), drinking beer, playing the "homemade" game of washers and spending time with some of our best friends, The Websters. The was our 2nd year to attend Bristol under the lights but the first time to do it true NASCAR style. In all honesty it was alot of fun and we are contemplating doing it all over again next year.
If you saw the redneck limousine picture it mentioned to read my post below... there is a story to Ms. Mary and her limo. Mary obviously had been driving her limo for many years and obviously the same people had been hitching rides with her - they knew her by name, sang her songs and advised the newbies (us) to please leave Mary a tip. Mary must have trusted her longtime companions because she would ask the inebriated to "watch her in the back" as she turned the big bus around. Amazingly, with her 4 speed gearshifter and few "come on backs" Mary turned that bus around and off we headed to the track.
Next, Mary needed to cross the highway (which ran 2 lanes in one direction, a median, then 2 lanes the opposite direction). Not a problem for Mary!!! Mary's limo was bigger than most vehicles on the highway so she figured with the paint job on the side and the loud "Whooo's" coming from the bus the highway traffic most definitely would see her pulling out. Mary didn't care if oncoming traffic was distracted texting or changing the radio station or trying to break up a kiddie fight in the backseat....... Mary would pull right out IN FRONT OF ONCOMING TRAFFIC AND STOP, BLOCK THE MEDIAN AND PULL INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION AND STOP! If you didn't see us before you saw us sitting stopped in the middle of traffic. Thankfully traffic stopped and I lived to blog about it!!! If you ever stay at Thunder Valley Campgrounds, please be sure to hitch a ride with Mary - it will be an experience you will never forget.
Bristol 2009!