Thursday, March 18, 2010

Euro Bungee

My mom wanted to take Luke to the mall and do the "Euro Bungee". At first he wasn't too sure about it. He enjoyed it though. After we were done some other kids did it and I think Luke loosened up to the idea. Maybe we can take him and do it another time. It ranges from 20lbs to 200lbs. Maybe I'll give it a try!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

1st T-Ball Practice!!!!!

Ready to leave for his 1st practice ever

Everybody going after the ball - we need to work on this a little more

First time up to bat

Batting and catching at the same time - he has skills! Look how tiny his waste is!!

I've waited for this day since I found out I was having a boy. My brother played park ball and I loved it. I knew I always wanted a boy so I could do it all over again - and now it's time!!!

On 1st base!!!

Going for a ground ball

Just like Daddy!
What a great 1st practice. We are set to do it again this weekend. Our first game is later this month.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dinner Club - Guitar Hero "Rock Band"

We are part of our church's "dinner club" small group. We get together once a month at the "host" home for great food and fellowship. You bring your children and make it one big party. This month we were the hosts. We had so much fun. One couple brought Rock Band and everyone played and sang all night - it was mighty funny. The kids had a blast playing downstairs in the bonus room. We had 20 adults and 14 children that night (yes, 34 total!) and I, by God's grace (thank you Lord..) was able to pull it off. Thanks to everyone who came. We truly enjoyed it.

These guys are the Rock Band heros!!! They played the entire song all the way through - WAY TO GO GUYS! The rest of us.......we are not so good :(

I played drums for my turn - Luke helped - we weren't good!

We are looking forward to next month's dinner!!!

Park w/ Friends

A couple weekends ago it was a really nice Saturday so we spent it at the park with friends. The boys are in pre-school together and we try and get together periodically for play dates. This was a great day. Well...until we went to Zoe's for lunch and Luke spilled his chocolate milk on the back of this man's jacket, up his back and onto his hat - the man did NOT seem happy. Accidents happen and life goes on!!!!