Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Luke's 1st Fishing Trip

I love black and whites!!!

Luke's 1st fish ever - he was so proud. All caught on a Spider Man Rod & Reel - Go Spidey!

I kicked butt and took names on catching fish that day. David said I was Bill Dance w/ a ponytail. I think that was his sarcastic way of saying... "Baby you rock!" - ha ha!

WORMS - I wanted Luke to have a true fishing experience so I wanted him to use live bait. However, I didn't expect the worms from Walmart to be on steroids a/k/a "night crawlers" - I about passed out when I saw them. I mean what happened to good ol' red (SKINNY) worms??? I was going to help bait Luke's hook - after I saw these I said no thanks!!!

David is just a sicko - that's all I can about this picture

Happy faces after a fun time fishing!!!!!


  1. Fishing is so much fun (well, as long as I do not have to touch worms or fish!)

  2. Congratulations, Luke on your first fish, good job.

  3. thanks for articles.

  4. Last photo is very funny!!!
    my congratulations, Luke!!!

  5. Hey! I found your blog through a mutual friends blog. My name is Chad Yeilding and I grew up with David. Congrats on the new baby. Tell David I said hello. I plan on following the blog to keep up with the goings on of your family. It is so great to be able to reconnect with those we lost contact with so long ago. My wife also is a blogger so feel free to check out our family blog as well at If David happens to be on Facebook tell him to look me up sometime.


  7. Stumbled upon your blog by clicking the next blog button.
    Great post, love the layout of your blog. I tried to take my daughter fishing, we didn't do very well, Momma couldn't handle the worms.

  8. I never catch a thing when I go fishing. SO now I am a fisher of men (like Jesus) come join my crusade BILLY JACK MUST BE STOPPED