Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Peek at Eli's Room

We had David's uncle and aunt come in and paint Eli's room for us. Thanks Dave and Renee!!! I love how the stripes turned out. I stole the stripe idea from Morgan's nursery and blog (thanks Morgan!!).

I can't wait to get everything actually finished. I will post more pictures upon completion. Eli is due in December - look for the finished product probably Decemember 1st at the rate we move around this house - lol!!

Video Gamers

Luke really loves playing video games so Daddy decided to break out the OLD Playstation 2 - yes, I know its an ancient piece of technology but we are OLD too! Luke's 4, to him it's video gold and I'm not telling him any different.

It was all fun and games until Luke couldn't get the game to do what he wanted and so I have posted his having fun pics and the 2 of him not getting his way.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Week 23 and 25 - Prego Shots

Week 23 up top
Week 25 below.........I've stacked them to see if you can tell any size difference.

Week 23 above
Week 25 below....I've had numerous people say they do not think I will make it to December - I guess only God and Eli knows!! I just want Eli to be healthy, whenever it's his time to come.

I hate having my pictures made and especially after I have worked all day and am haggard looking. Here are some belly shots from week 23 and week 25 w/o my head in the picture - lol!

In the week 23 pictures Luke wanted to be included - he was taking a bath in week 25 shots or I'm sure he would have been in those too.

Eli is moving around ALOT these days... He is a very active little boy. Luke finally got to feel him move. I think now that Eli is packing on the pounds Luke will be able to feel him more often - I know I can!!!