Tuesday, February 15, 2011

FINALLY...a warm, sunny day!!

This past weekend it was so pretty outside - FINALLY. We took advantage of this and did a little yard work. The boys loved being outside... I'm itching for Spring.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

AL Boys

I had these cute little shirts made up for Luke and Eli. I thought it would be sweet to have all the AL boys together for a family picture. This is 3 generations of AL fans! It was a challenge to get everyone to look at the camera, smile, etc all at the same time. It was my intention to have these done outside but with the weather being so cold it wasn't possible. I still think I got a couple cute shots.

Gatlinburg Scenery...how pretty!

David took us to Galtinburg for a few days while I am off on maternity leave. It was nice to just get away. I wasn't sure how a 6 week old would do on the long ride up and back but Eli did great. He is such a good baby. Very laid back and go with the flow kinda baby... We are blessed we know!

We also asked my mom to go with us. She hasn't been on a vacation in quite some time. She was a huge help with Eli and Luke - thanks Mom. She was glad to hang out at the hotel and just love on Eli while we spent some one on one time with Luke. She also kept the boys for us while David and I had an a few minutes to ourselves which doesn't happen often now with 2 kids.

BTW...if you haven't seen the post below about the world's largest sno-cone be sure to check it out - it's CRAZY!! That is one part of the trip we will not forget! I let Luke and David go off by themselves and you see what happens!