Sunday, January 31, 2016

Monster Jam - Atlanta, GA

We went to Atlanta to see Monster Jam a few weeks ago.  We drove over on a Saturday afternoon, spent the night in ATL and drove home Sunday morning.  It was a great family outing and it was a couple of "firsts" - first time for Eli to sleep in a hotel room and first time for the boys to actually sleep in the same bed.  

You can tell we do not do much traveling since these were "firsts" and Eli is 5 years old!

Showing off their $15.00 (yes, $15.00 per kid!!!!) icees! 

It was a cold rainy night in ATL.  We knew the forecast wasn't great so we brought our rain gear.  Our hotel was a 20 minutes or so walk to the arena.  We were safe on the walk back to the hotel because we had Batman a/k/a Eli walking with us :)

We have been to Monster Jam in Birmingham but the BJCC is a small venue and David wanted us to have the true Monster Jam experience where there were lots of different jumps.  I will admit the show was much longer.  It was about a 2.5 show!!

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